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5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing


When sending out your emails, it’s important to remember your audience’s buying journey. Depending on which part of the buyer’s journey your email is aimed at, you should provide content that is useful to them. For example, don’t send promotional content to a segment of subscribers in the awareness stage of your buying journey. You should offer valuable content that can help them with their problems, and avoid spamming your list. Here are some tips to follow when writing your email marketing messages.

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Create a personal connection with your list

People who subscribe to your email list are generally qualified prospects. Because they are aware that they will be receiving marketing messages from you, they are eager to hear from you. But how do you create a personal connection with them? By showing personality in your emails. Using these three tips, you can build trust with your subscribers. Your subscribers will be more likely to open your emails when you show them who you are.

Start by asking subscribers what they need or want from your list. Create a survey or a reply to their emails to encourage people to respond. Providing useful content is important because people who subscribed to your list have a reason to do so. Rather than forcing people to opt-in, offer valuable content and answers to their questions. Remember that you are building a relationship, not a short-term one, with your list. In addition, you can offer incentives to your subscribers to refer others.

Develop a conversational tone

If you want to make your email campaigns successful, learn how to develop a conversational tone. This type of email marketing makes your readers feel like they’re having a real conversation, not just reading a sales letter. Use phrases like “let’s” or “you” as well as ellipses and “informal” graphics to make your email seem more natural. People want to feel like they can relate to the brands they’re reading, and conversational content helps to close that gap.

A conversational tone in an email can be as formal as a scientific email, or as fun as a baby shower invites. Whatever tone you choose, be sure to keep the conversation flowing by asking questions and making it as interesting as possible. Using everyday language makes it easier for readers to relate to you and take action. Compared to a more formal tone, conversational emails are more engaging and allow you to get to know your readers more.

Offer value

The best way to get a high clickthrough rate on your email marketing campaigns is to offer something of value to your subscribers. This value can be in the form of a discount or special promotion. To create a marketing offer email, you can apply several copywriting formulas. Among these is the BAB technique. This technique forces you to focus on benefits, rather than features. This can increase your clickthrough rate dramatically. Here are some examples of marketing offer emails that convert well.

When creating a value proposition, make sure it is clear and focused on the benefits of the reader. Make sure you highlight the benefits of the product or service in the email and include a link to a website. Images are also a good choice, because they help convey a marketing message more effectively than text. Aside from using images, you should also avoid using long-winded text. People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Avoid spamming your list

Before you start your email marketing campaign, check to see if your subscribers’ contact information has changed. People move countries, change jobs, and close email accounts. They may change their email addresses over time. Older email addresses are more likely to be marked as spam. Likewise, send only relevant and timely emails. Sending your newsletter to an old email address may make your subscribers forget about you. This may result in a high rate of hard bounces.

CAN-SPAM Act compliance is important. Your emails should include an unsubscribe link that takes the user directly to a page where they can remove themselves from all future communications from your list. If you fail to provide an unsubscribe link, your emails could end up in spam filters and inboxes. Fortunately, this process is easy to automate, thanks to dedicated CRM systems. It also demonstrates your confidence in the quality of your content.

Organize your content

Organization can give your content a longer shelf life by providing context and allowing your audience to easily discover more relevant materials. With so many content pieces being published daily, it becomes increasingly important to structure your content so that it’s easy for readers to find what they’re looking for. For example, Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council provides topic pages for business leaders, enabling visitors to easily navigate to related content. Topic maps also make it easier to keep your audience’s attention.


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